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intermix v : combine into one; "blend the nuts and raisins together"; "he blends in with the crowd"; "We don't intermingle much" [syn: blend, immingle, intermingle]

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  1. To mix several things together; to blend

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Intermix was a musical band in the 1990s, made of Bill Leeb and Rhys Fulber.
Unlike their other projects (including Front Line Assembly, Noise Unit, and Delerium), Intermix showed somewhat more of a techno music influence, while Delerium was more mellow like ambient music, and FLA had a very industrial music style.
On the first two albums Intermix sounded a bit like a collection of uncompleted snippets of ideas.
The third Intermix album however sounded completely different from the first two, being a lot more ambient and could actually also have been released as a Synæsthesia record or possibly an early Delerium record.
Early versions of Microsoft's Windows XP beta versions used the first minute of the song Voices from the first Intermix album as background music for the Welcome Assistant. It was however not credited and it seems it was not with permission. It was replaced in the final version of Windows XP.
The pair released three albums as Intermix:
Also the following 12 inch singles were released:
  • Dream On in 1992, only officially released single
  • Intermix/In The Nursery in 1992, A-side songs only (B-side was from the band In The Nursery)
  • Monument in 1993, promotional release only
  • Telekinetik Warriors in 1995, promotional release only
Except for the Monument single, only the Album versions were used on these singles. Videoclips were made for Monument (Lost Classic Remix Edit) and The Process (Short Film) in 1992-3.

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